Their fists pounded into me
Throwed sand in my eyes
With a rusty needle stabbed my hand

Hyenas are already running
They are feeling their prey
I´ ll be their mana
- It´s hunt for me

I see their eyes
They´re full of blood
I hear their howls, that announce death

The beasts are approaching
They are so close
So I am waiting at the pillory ...

Take away these shackles
Show me the way out
Just do not let me at the mercy of these hyenas …

I see their eyes ....

You must go away
If you have the strength
Do not let you ensnare, do not waste your breath

Set me free before they will kill me
I feel their breath
My time has run out

I see their eyes ...

You must go away ...




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Magick Disk Musick Czech Republic

Magick Disk Musick [online store & record label] * #alternative / #hardcore / #metal * #vinyl #fucking #rules

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