Isolation, vanity, world paranoia
Imprisoned in a cell of sorrow and pain
Same things every day
I don't recognize dream from reality
Children crying booming screams
I hear voices whispering coming to me
Lunatic laughter haunted by phantoms
They're behind me but what I want

I can't get it out of my head, my madness
I'm a slave of my inner self, eternal darkness

Disturbances, eternal restlessness, vanity, rejected society

Lined path with thorns and fear
Tunnel to nowhere, bloody maze
Staggered and lose control of mind
Suicide is my only saviour
I fall deep into the abyss
Light or hope doesn't exist
God wakes me from this nightmare
Insanity is my reality




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Magick Disk Musick Czech Republic

Magick Disk Musick [online store & record label] * #alternative / #hardcore / #metal * #vinyl #fucking #rules

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