Really, are we all blind?
Rise and lift your fist
Let's show concord
It's our last chance from perishing

With flames in the eyes
We march forward
To humiliate injustice
With flames in the eyes
We go forward to defend our country, to defend your country

Only ashes and dust
Remain after us
Every man for himself
Means nothing, means nothing at all

In unity is strength
Lift your head up
And run behind
The voice of your heart, the voice of your heart

Find power in yourselves
Voice leads us forward
Find power in yourselves
There is no fight without blood
Find power in yourselves
Hatred hidden under the skin
Find power in yourselves
No, it´s not really a sin - we have it in us




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Magick Disk Musick Czech Republic

Magick Disk Musick [online store & record label] * #alternative / #hardcore / #metal * #vinyl #fucking #rules

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