I still try to run away
Eyes full of dust
Full of dust, of blood and tears, so hateful ...
And I know, everything is lost
I do not give up
Does anyone hear me here? Impossible ...

Hello, hello, …

Wandering is without end,
I am alone
I am alone in a crowd, invisible ...
How much time do we have now?
Is it enough?
I´m sure, the end is near, we are damned ...

Hello, hello, ...
… as silent scream in the dark ....
Hello, hello, ...
… it´s in vain, my mouth is dumb ...

I wish so much to live on the earth again
Colorful, clean, I do not want to see it gray
As I see it now, ever on and on
I want to breathe deeply again




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Magick Disk Musick Czech Republic

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