Sirens predict distress and devastation
Through the clouds sprawls roar of engines
Bringers of death and insane misery
Beneath them explosions rape the land

Sirens, screaming, suffering - fall from sky
Despair, depress, damnation - run for your life

Try to hide but have no chance
Temperature reaches 1000°C, people around burn
Try to save themselves in river, but it boils
Fire takes you all air, have no chance to escape death

You're corpse without name
You're one of many innocents

Total annihilation of human civilization

Sirens, screaming, suffering - now you die
Despair, depress, damnation - in dust lies




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Magick Disk Musick Czech Republic

Magick Disk Musick [online store & record label] * #alternative / #hardcore / #metal * #vinyl #fucking #rules

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