Ode To One's Perfection

Break thru the light, in shinning rain,
Little part of emptiness in momentary blaze.

No look beyond tomorrow
Products of no need
Well packed shinkins
In the battle of the screen.

Procreation of the crap, of the fellows of no mark,
They're dead before they get alive
Passing from dark to dark.

Want become a crystal shine,
Step closer to distant sun
No matter what way to go
Marching army of zeroes in paranormal vertigo.

Celebration of the cult, of megastores figurines,
Draff they call as superb vine, paper news as poetry.

No look under cover
Hunting the vision of perfect life
Still high on the fiction
Still drunk with the scented lie

Repeat REF:
Mean gang of the parasites
Emptiness of mental misery
Ode to one's perfection
Orgasmic tag-rag victory.


from HYPNOS - Halfway To Hell [mini LP, 2011], released June 1, 2011



all rights reserved


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