I saw monstrous face * Power that grinds all live * Who didn't escape, died ** I saw weeping and horror * Merciless death rages, eats * Reports crushing me ** Human brutality, became by next victim ** I saw that hatred and fear * Human with no own faces * So same different is real ** I saw that brutal truth * Human product to killing * Suddenly agony, dying ** Brooks of blood absorb into the ground * In their eyes astonishing and alarm * Where rage ends, sudden incursion * Into unprepared human shades without motion ** I flounce and die, see only blood * I lament and ask, 'cause my soul will flounce ** Cycle of pains, that inhuman rage


from MORTIFILIA - Christ Hunt [mini LP, 2012], released March 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Magick Disk Musick Czech Republic

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