All your achievements are obscure * And your existence is a myth * I imagine you only as a failure * off all tragedies, of all sins ** Can you imagine the doubts * In eyes of all your enemies * Every truth will change to dust * And then they will see that's crazy ** Look what you have done * Thinkin' you are the godly son * Crucified freedom of own reason * When every friendship can be a lie ** A man who must be crucufied * They got you due your abilities * To believe to all who seem like god's son * Your truth killed your own peace ** So look, so look - it's christ, it's a christhunt - blood in his wounds * So look, so look - it's christ, it's a christhunt - they wait with crown ** All about you seems like a lie * expalled from people - who believed * Not dent the truth and then to die * Like human betrayal - of who heard * When the very truth is lost * you still consider - yourself as icon * Till your death, maybe they heard * but then they killed - it is Christhunt


from MORTIFILIA - Christ Hunt [mini LP, 2012], released March 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Magick Disk Musick Czech Republic

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