Hymn Of Eternal Fire

Kold day in heaven, the kolder one in hell,
Fake believers search place for afterlife,
And resurrektion, this universal spell
Is krooking mouthes of self-styled Demigods.
Oh, what herd of sheeps!
With own flesh they are feeding hungry volves.
Oh, brothers of sin,
Behold new pastors who have kome to heal the world.

We shall rise to bring the light
We shall roar the gospels down
We shall burn as cleansing flame
In the name of sane ones - we're burning again

Let's rise together to be ones who show the way.
Be eyes for blind, leaders of the weak.
On ruins of altars will be no more need to pray
And any step aside is no more called as a sin.
Oh, reborn of human, reborn of sanity,
Koming thru the flames.
Oh, since our paths started,
We are the fire and we're sentenced to burn.

Repeat REF:
Kold day in heaven, the kolder one in hell,
How easy is to follow lane to God
We sing this anthem marching against sacred gates
To set free prisoners on journey to the sky
Oh, bekause we're fire
And we will incinerate seed of toxic faiths
Oh, big sleep is over,
Monster is awaken and gently krawling back.


from HYPNOS - Halfway To Hell [mini LP, 2011], released June 1, 2011



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